Combining digital craft with traditional methods, hand-finishing in the studio using the right tools for the job. The brief was to make the most functional Handplane available, with the best materials possible, while leaving the smallest footprint. Handmade objects have a got a soul; the energy that’s put into making the thing is embodied in it and with a product like wood its natural shape and structure can determine the final design. Designed for all year round fun, just throw your swimfins and one of these in your backpack and your good to go. Hand planing is a fun alternative to surfing, it’s different to surfing and body boarding where you sit on the water with hand planning you’re in it with the waves. You can hang this amazing piece of highly functional work of art and design on the wall as each one is a limited piece of art with a function. When you can’t find your bottle opener this little beauty can help you out and open those beers…The more you use this wonderful object the more beautiful it will look over time To purchase these limited edition Hand planes head over to our shop. For more information, please check out our website.

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